Luxurious high speed swing barrier gate


JD200 Intelligent Swing Barrier is a kind of free access equipment integrated passage detecting and controlling. It adopts the integrated control of machine and electricity and the organic combination of the sensor’s logic programming and high-speed swing door to realize the management control for entrance and exit. The equipment can be used together with such controllers as entrance guard, time attendance, computer, etc. The authorized legal personnel can pass through the equipment smoothly and freely without being checked one by one. It refuses the passing of the unauthorized personnel and improves the management control for entrance and exit.


1. Dimension of the case L 1460*W 200*H 1020 (mm)
2. Material of the case 304 stainless steel: thickness: no less than 1.5mm
3. Passage length 1460mm
4. Material of the door 304 stainless steel pipe or 10mm PVC
5. Passage width 600~900. (Can be customized)
6. Installed condition indoors/outdoors (with a shelter)
7. External packaging case L 1540*W 280*H 1180 (mm)
8. Working voltage AC220V ±10%
9. Power Consumption dynamic: 100W; static: 30W; peak: 150W
10. Working temperature -20°C~70°C
11. Storage temperature -0°C~60°C