Luxurious High Speed Swing Barrier Gate


The passage supports this kind of users.
Yellow---Supporting in width, but due to the limitation of length or the detecting conditions matched, it can’t support this kind of users completely.
Red-------Completely unsuitable for this kind of users.


1. Dimension of the case L 1260*W 150*H 1020 (mm)
2. Material of the case 304 stainless steel: thickness: no less than 1.5mm
3. Passage length 1260mm
4. Material of the door 304 stainless steel pipe or 10mm PVC
5. Passage width 600~900. (Can be customized)
6. Installed condition indoors/outdoors (with a shelter)
7. External packaging case L 1380*W 285*H 1180 (mm)